The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.

~ Marcel Proust ~

I encourage you to have daily adventures in your everyday life. By noticing what is around you, by being creative, learning new things, and by spending more time in the outdoors. It’s very easy to get stuck in a rut, or forget how to see new possibilities and opportunities. By embracing change, becoming more conscious of your surroundings, and exploring new things you can kick-start a new life for yourself.

The greatest way to develop this connection further is by exploring and developing your own creativity. If you need help, I offer weekly sessions, seasonal workshops, creative coaching, and courses in which I facilitate learning in  drawing, watercolours, land art, design and more… 

Weekly classes

Resumed in 2020
Single sessions | R180 per person | Bring a friend special: R 150 each. Or pay ahead for a month at R500 for 4 classes.

Weekly Roving Class
Weekly classes designed to keep you inspired and challenged, while also giving you the encouragement you need to develop your creative skills at your own pace. Every week the class is in a different place, and we’ll explore a different subject, medium or technique, giving you new weekly inspiration.

Land Art sessions
Every Friday 9am – 12noon we meet in a different outdoors spot to experience our surroundings, tune in with ourselves in the space, and then express ourselves through small or sensitive land art creations.

Join for a once-a-month free land art session: join the mailing list at & choose the Garden Route as your location.

Autumn workshop

Mixed Media & Found Object workshop
An experimental workshop in which different techniques of binding and layering are explored, working with various different materials which includes textiles, discarded/found objects and wire.

Winter workshop

Painting workshop
An afternoon class offering a basic introduction to watercolour, ink and oil painting

Spring workshop

Business & Self promotion for creatives
An introduction workshop to my course with the same focus. A perfect time to work on your creative business as the sun grows warmer and blossoms fill the trees! An ideal workshop for artists, designers, crafters and writers who would like to learn the basics of design for self promotion, and important lessons in business strategy.

Summer workshop

Beach land art & “sensploration” workshop
Starting with a guided meditation we tune in with the ocean, the sand, the sun and each other, after which we create mandalas and other land art creations, followed by a swim.

One-on-one sessions

Contact me to arrange one-on-one creative coaching sessions in which you get focused individual attention and bespoke resources to guide you on your creative path in art-making, graphic design, eco-art or your creative business. My style of facilitation is aimed at being encouraging and supportive, while also giving new perspectives or opportunities for growth, skills development and a new understanding of your own creativity.

  • Informal creativity dates
  • Formal creative sessions
  • Design learning mentorship

Contact me for payment options, schedules and other details

Feel free to contact me about facilitating a workshop or course at an event, festival, gallery, community center, studio, arts residency or other relevant space.

Choose one of the workshops listed on this page, or request a custom-made workshop or course to be created according to a theme or specific outcomes. Contact me to schedule a Skype or in-person meeting to discuss details.

Design Thinking

A course developed to make you look at everything around you with different eyes. Skills and techniques that we will focus on include: observation, drawing, the visual word, layout, colour, deconstruction, juxtapositioning, and basic digital design creation.

Offered as a 6 day course, once a week for 6 weeks, with tasks and assignments completed at home each week.

Drawing from Nature

A course designed to open your eyes and heart to the natural elements of your environment, the nature of your own body, and the intricate and beautiful complexity of our world. This is done through drawing, watercolour painting, observation, collage, journaling, wordplay, creative movement, land art and ‘sensploration’ exercises.

This course is offered as a 3 day immersive experience and/or retreat.

Eco Artmaking in Theory & Practice

An introduction to different techniques and approaches in environmentally-focused art, including land art, art in activism, installation art, waste-art and green design. We’ll look at different paradigms and main branches in the movement; have discussions to deepen our understanding, and finally, of course, apply different techniques into practice.

This course is currently in development.

Business & Self promotion for creatives

A practical course in basic business aspects and self promotion for creatives, including an introduction to marketing principles; social media; the importance of networking, relationships and professional service; branding basics; product inventory; and how to streamline your processes. All of this aimed at creating more time to make art while still being on top of your admin and marketing.

Once a week class over 12 weeks, with assignments & on-call support.