So scary: sharing my weirdness…

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I’ve signed up for the Made Vribrant newsletters aimed at “helping soulful creatives live and work as their best, brightest selves”. This quote by Caroline reflects exactly what I’ve been aiming to do (and doing already to a large extent) with my art & design, which is exactly why I’ve joined her online community:

“I started Made Vibrant so that I could live a life of creativity and flexibility while using my gifts and voice to make a small-but-positive difference on the world.”

But now she’s asking me to consider that the thing that I hide about myself, out of fear of rejection, is the thing that makes me unique – the thing that will be my superpower! It’s so awesome, but it’s also incredibly scary. I’ve hidden my weirdness, my ‘crazy’, my ‘silly’ so well for so many years. Most people know that I’m sensitive and feel deeply, which is something powerful and important about myself. But most people think that the image that I uphold of being serious, responsible, composed and problem-solving is fully and truly ‘me’. Well, it’s not. I have a silly, crazy, weird side that I rarely show – and then only to people I trust fully.

Interestingly, writing this right now isn’t so scary. Probably because I know that MOST of you reading this has this type of ‘superpower’ hidden away. And that you identify with all of this. What IS incredibly, absolutely, mind-numbing scary is for me to LIVE out the part of me that I hide. Because I’m so scared that someone will misunderstand what I say and do. That they’d take offense to the way I act. This is going to be a hard one to live out. But I am committing to trying! I can’t say that I support and encourage authentic living if I’m not being authentic and being myself! Fully!! When you see me again, don’t be surprised or offended if I seem different…


Thank you to the incredibly talented photographers from Disco Road Photography for this awesome photo of me & Pierre!