WATER exhibition at Liebrecht Gallery

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Some things, like art, fulfil us or make us happy. Without others no-one can survive. Like water. The water crisis in the Western Cape has been the topic of discussion for months. In fact, it has been the most important one: Day Zero is imminent. But suddenly, without any heavy rains, it seems not to be the case. Or it has been moved forward. What has now changed suddenly?

What has happened, at least, is that all of us have become acutely aware of a resource on which our very survival depends. No more excessive washing of cars; no more filling up the bathtub to the brim; fixing leaking taps; utilising rain water; showering instead of having a bath; timing ourselves while showering; utilising grey water; and many other measures. Even with Day Zero now having been moved forward, we have come to our senses to some extent, or so it seems. In the wake of this water shortage a wider discussion around other topics related to the environment and nature has been reignited – the pollution of rivers; substituting plastic containers with environment friendly ones; recycling; reckless mining practices which pose a real threat to the environment, and others. In short: Many more people have now suddenly woken up to the fact that we are treating Mother Earth in a very bad way.

In celebration of the beauty of water, and recognising its importance, the Liebrecht Gallery has been filled with water paintings. Water drops, rain, the sea, underneath the surface of the sea, rivers, cascades, atolls, dams, ponds, waves, stormy seas, fishermen, mountain streams, aquariums, harbours, beaches, islands, fish, river mouths, waterfalls, and more.

– Avril Gardiner, Liebrecht Gallery

The exhibition opens on 13 April 2018 at 6pm.

Liebrecht Gallery
34 Oudehuis Street, Somerset West, Western Cape, South Africa
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