Metamorphosis as a thematic focus

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Metamorphosis I: Nature Changes  One of the themes in my work – Metamorphosis – is inspired by the metamorphosis of insects, as well as personal and spiritual transformation. It follows from the research and visual work that I did for … Continued

GREEN ART: An introduction

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What is “Green Art” or “Environmental Art”? Throughout the ages, artists have responded to the challenges and issues relevant and prevalent during their lives. Currently, we are faced with the loss of biodiversity, with many species of animals, birds, insects … Continued

Borrowed experience (conceptual piece)

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385162758571594635262388119122134149111122137158163 walking like any other daygod knows where the tunnel leadsthe sky was leaden, greysoon enough the mystery will be upon uswe standback when the world was youngnot every dayin the dream there is a railwayhi!is this just another rusesmoke … Continued

Spoor (theme focus)

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We tread unto sand, unto rock, unto grassAnd leave marks indented into the memoryOf place, of space, of time… To be washed, blown and carried awayThrough seasons and cycles of change… Change. Adapt. To conditions in weather,in a climate becoming … Continued