Three journeys in photos

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In no particular order, these photos were taken in Spain, Maputo (Mozambique), Sutherland and Still Bay during the past 9 months during three family trips. Some of my (often contradicting) impressions from these different places include:

Hills and Heavens in Southern Spain, with atmospheric sunsets and beach visits.
Noise, busyness and activity of Maputo, and the stillness of the Karoo.
Bushes and starlight heavy equipment in Sutherland, with a small town friendliness and shine.
Water. Buildings. Lichen, Sealife, Swimming and Walks.
Different cultures, colours, textures and sounds.
Familiar-feeling sand, rocks and shells.
Beauty. Dryness.
Friendliness from almost everyone I encountered.

Poor. Rich. Asking. Selling. Hoping.
Laughter. Disorganisation.
Communication and relationships. And love.