Some lessons from 2017

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At the end of a calendar year, and with a super full moon on the 2nd of January, as well as following the guidance of natural timing & evaluating taught by Natalie Kent from Sacred Business, I have been evaluating my successes and failures for 2017. And defined some important lessons learnt (or learnt & remembered AGAIN!):

  • Being true to myself!! By not leaving my own “centre” and changing my ways of doing and being to please others. Also by saying no to projects, favors and actions that does not align with my mission, beliefs and purpose. I need to be much more discerning  – spend my time, energy & money in the things that will truly make most impact.
  • Planning helps you to succeed! It keeps you from becoming distracted and wasting time, energy and money.
  • Do not act in fear. Do not act too soon. Wait until you feel ready to answer or act.
  • Simplifying, letting go, minimizing has been INCREDIBLE important in finding and defining my path ahead.
  • Hold onto the things that resonate with you – use them, embrace them, spend time and energy with it!
  • Spend time outside.
  • My spiritual development and my career/professional development are the same – when I integrate these different aspects of my life, I come into flow!
  • I have learnt that doing things I love and enjoy actually makes me MORE productive. I get less distracted, and I actually have MORE to give to others!

I look forward to what this year will bring. I walk into 2018 with the intention of creating art that honours the sacred in nature, and makes us more aware of our inherent connection as part of ecology. With the intention to make a difference, explore through creativity, and grow even more connected.

I hope you have a blessed and intentional start of the year!