Riverine Rabbit Thinking Path in Loxton

Although my heart was not completely there, because our cat Koewie has gone missing, I participated and contributed to the incredible ‘Doekvoetdenkpad’ project in Loxton. Prior to the the inaugeral walk of the Riverine Rabbit Thinking Path a week of community pre-launch activities brought artists, Loxton residents and conservationists together.

The geoglyph was created by the very talented Anni Snyman & PC van Rensburg, supported by other Site_Specific artists and friends, and the Grrr Kollective in 2016. Our week of workshops, education and collaboration built on their foundation. One of the ways to further develop the site was to transform the old ‘slaghuis’ building into the ‘Huis van Tyd’ through painting and beautiful calligraphy by Andrew van der Merwe:

The very passionate and knowledgable ladies from EWT gave talks about their Drylands project, focusing on the endangered Riverine Rabbit – sharing their research, as well as how to identify a Riverine Rabbit from a hare or a Red Rock Rabbit. We needed to know how to identify these beautiful bunnies, since we spent an early Easter morning doing a foot survey in the veld! We were also treated to a demonstration of Jessie sniffing out a tea bag in the bushes – she’ll soon be sniffing out bunnies to help ascertain distribution numbers of the Riverine Rabbit in the area.

One of the workshops I facilitated was aimed at guiding each participant to use their senses to consciously experience their immediate surroundings before creating land art on the site of the geoglyph. We closed our eyes, and then focused on what we could hear around us, before also intensely looking, smelling and sometimes tasting…

Pierre intrigued most of us with his juggling and even taught some of the boys how to juggle.

Thank you to everyone who made this such an incredible and rewarding experience for everyone involved! A special thanks to Evans Mathibe for incredible photographs.

To find out more about the geoglyph, visit Site_Specific or the facebook page.