A new landscape for compassion. Found material installation, Variable dimensions, 2011.

On the opening night of the Scrapes and Scapes exhibition at Bodutu gallery I did an interactive performance piece, after which the members of the audience were invited to use either the paper & pastels or the rocks that were provided in order to participate in one of the following ways:

  • write a dream or something they cherish onto a piece of paper (paper and pastels were provided), fold up and keep the piece of paper
  • write down a fear or something you no longer want in your life, tear up the piece of paper and throw the pieces into the centre of the installation
  • use the rocks, and hitting them together, try and find a rhythm.

Close to the closing date of the exhibition, and during a weekday morning, I staged/performed an intervention, in which students, visitors and lecturers were given a rock and invited to add or change something in the installation “A new landscape for compassion”. The process was video documented.

The feedback and responses I received about the interactive nature of this artwork or project was encouraging and supportive. Most people really enjoyed the opportunity to be expressive and do something that they don’t usually think of doing in their daily, and busy lives. The many people hitting together rocks on the opening night, also had a surprising unifying quality to it, and together everyone fell into a rhythm that sounded somewhat like the sound of raindrops on a roof, rather than a cacophony of sounds. I greatly enjoyed the process, and want to enjoy bringing the interactive and participatory element into some of my work and projects.

  • Title Rebirth: my tien gebooie
  • Medium 10 minute intervention/partipication-based performance
  • Site Bodutu Gallery, VUT, Vanderbijlpark
  • Year 2011