mixed media
Each block: 18cm x 18cm
Created for the exhibition “A Stream of Consciousness” at Liebrecht Gallery in Somerset West, Western Cape, South Africa.
Showing 15 September – 15 October 2017

Instead of working with specific images and predetermined symbolism, I worked intuitively and progress-driven. Aiming for a flowing, almost abstract representation of subconscious processes or thoughts. This way the semi-abstract nature of the work allows the viewer to see and perceive and formulate their own interpretation of what this ‘consciousness’ looks like.

The works connect into, and as, a stream – flowing together horizontally as well as vertically – starting from any block as the first block in the stream. A continuous stream of drawing, textures and imagery.

Primarily the motifs are from the natural world. Our reality. We are nature. Intricately connected and part of the web of life, no matter how much we try to disconnect from it or deem ourselves supreme. Everything we do to our environment we do to ourselves.