At a time of turmoil and ennui within the current political and social landscape of our country, Janet has chosen to explore personal and emotional responses in the context of our environment. ‘Wild & Still’ refers to this duality; personal responses of fear versus contemplation and appreciation for nature – whilst alluding to these characteristics within ourselves, as individuals.

“the revolution or emancipation of a country starts with the voluntary changing of the individual’s mindset” – Vivien Kohler

Janet’s work is inspired by her own reaction and relationship to nature – but also informed by happenings and issues in environmental justice and sustainable development. ‘Wildness’ as referred to in this exhibition represents the sheer power and awe of water – waves crashing onto the beach, a storm raging in the sky. ‘Stillness’ is encapsulated in the curve of a shell, in the silent beauty of mist and the details of an insect’s wing.

I believe that if one can really appreciate or see beauty in all aspects of nature, accept the ‘wildness’ and create ‘stillness’ within ourselves, we’d have a more compassionate interaction within our daily lives, and contribute to humanity in a collective revolution” – Janet Botes