Interactive, time-specific, dynamic or site-specific work – basically anything that I haven’t created on a flat surface. This includes land art, performances, installation art, textual or conceptual work, and videos. I also include photography in this category since I use it to document my site-specific work and capture moments that are very real-time and 3D.

When creating art, I love to experiment with materials and techniques. This is one of the reasons for the wide variety in my work. Read more about my approach to the creative process >>

What unifies my work is the inspiration or impetus behind it. My work is primarily inspired by my relationship to the land, to place, to ecology and the world around me. Read my artist statement >>

A good example of my art is the work I created during the Thupelo workshop held in Cape Town in June 2016. During the workshop I organised a land art outing to Granger Bay, had my fellow artists interact with a pebble, created a textual work in the library of the art school, created double-exposures including the other artists’ work, created an installation with leaves and sand, cut shapes and holes into leaves, as well as drew lines with water on the bricks of the school.