Land Art on Gordon’s Bay beach

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I know it’s been quiet on my website. Truth be told, I’ve been doing a lot of graphic design client projects, as well as moving house, so my art-making had to take the backseat the past two months. However, my studio is calling me very loudly and clearly! I’m keen to continue working on a large-scale watercolour landscape that I started painting last year. Land art doesn’t need a lot of time, expensive materials or a specific type of space. So I was able to do some land art on Gordon’s Bay beach when I went for a short walk – following the contour/edge line of a large rock, and creating shadow lines while the sun was lowering itself towards the horizon.

We’ve visited Gordon’s Bay for Cape Land Art gatherings on two occasions during the past few years. Keen to join the next time? You can sign up at to receive updates about every month’s date and site. Anyone is welcome to join! You’ll see you have the option to choose between Cape Town and Garden Route. Janet Ranson is leading the Cape Town gatherings, and I will soon be organizing gatherings on the Garden Route. The first one is planned for 2 April 2017!

rocks on the edge/contour of a large rock - Land art on Gordon's Bay beach small rocks and their shadow lines - Land art on Gordon's Bay beach