Knysna Arts Festival

The main venue of the Knysna Arts Festival 2018 is at The Premier Hotel on George Rex drive. At this beautiful venue over 50 artists will exhibit their work. At display you will find:
  • Paintings,
  • Sculptures both in bronze and wood,
  • Ceramics
  • photographs

On top of that there will be:

  • Fascinating talks on the fringe in the breakaway room
  • Daily Art demonstrations in the Genoa room
  • Performing art in the evenings

For the festival I will display and offer an art experience in varied mediums in at the Premier Hotel – including assemblage sculptures made from discarded materials, small ink drawings, a performance art piece, and an interactive installation in collaboration with my partner-in-everything-beautiful-and-inspiring, animator & ‘code-monkey’ Pierre Bezuidenhout.

Janet Botes