Artist house-sit

Need someone to do house-sitting and pet-sitting for you? What if I tell you I can do that for you, while also creating an original artwork for you? Whether it’s a mural, artwork for the dining room, artwork in the garden, or on the stoep… You go on holiday, with the knowledge that not only is your house and animals safe and cared for, but on your return your ‘welcome home’ gift is a freshly created artwork.

Prior to the house-sit we will discuss the chores and tasks I need to do, as well as your requests for the artwork. During the key handover you give me two sheets of paper – the first one is the list of chores or tasks that I need to follow for the house (feeding the pets, how often plants get watered, your mailbox, and other house tasks that need doing), and the second sheet would be your ideas or needs about the artwork – e.g. sizes, images for reference/inspiration.

Questions you might be asking:

Won’t I make a mess in your house while creating the artwork?

No, I protect the surfaces I work on, and work with great care and consideration for your space, your neighbors, and your pets.

What type of artworks and craftwork can I create?

I have a varied skill set and diverse techniques, so you could request artwork(s) that include, but are not limited, to the following: painting, drawing, assemblage sculptures, hand-sewing, paper machê, garden art, new media, experimental & conceptual art, collage, decor from ‘waste’, photographic prints, mixed media on wood, and mural painting.

Which areas do I serve?

I’m open to discussing anywhere in the Western Cape, but my main base for operation is the Garden Route and Cape Town area.

Can you see work-in-progress during your holiday?

Yes! You have a choice of whether you’d like to just enjoy your holiday with no thoughts about home, or whether you’d like me to give updates and photos about your home, garden, pets and the progress on the artwork.

How much will it cost?

It depends on the duration, location, amount of animals, size of your garden, and what type of artwork(s) you would like. My time/labour for the artwork is included in the house-sitting rate (yup, it is!), but you pay for the materials and framing.

Art stays / residential artist

I am also available for art stays with you at home – offering art tutoring to your kids, creating art with you as a collaboration, or creating art while you do your usual daily activities

Additionally I can also help organise, simplify, and rethink your space; and offer guidelines for making your home and life more earth-friendly and healthy.