During the 2012 National Arts Festival I volunteered to offer Veld(spoor] – an interactive activity and art installation – at the ASSITEJ Family Venue.

Veld(spoor] was performed at 3pm on 1-4 July, in the area situated in front of the entrance to the theatre space. Artworks and installations that I perform or create often grows or changes organically to suit the space, time, environment and situation that I find myself in. This was definitely the case with Veld(spoor], which was planned to be a performance and art installation, but turned out to be more of a kids activity and opportunity to be creative.

Pastels, rocks, rope, sand and leaves were provided to kids of any age, to make marks onto paper provided. During the activity and also other times that I spent time at the ASSITEJ Family Venue I tried to encourage people to think about the marks we leave on the landscape through everything that we do and choose. Even though a very small amount of people or kids chose to participate in my activity, the conversations and interactions were inspiring, and also humbling.


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