No December art classes

There will be no December art classes or workshops. I have some limited time slots for private art classes if you’re interested, but other than that I’ll be making art, spending time with family, setting my intentions & goals for 2018, and spending time outdoors. But I’d like to share these thoughts or advice:

1. Make gifts for your loved ones.

It’s more special and unique than a bought gift; it keeps you away from the stressful, hectic, overfilled shops; and it saves you money! There are loads of ideas online if you search on Pinterest or just google for diy gift ideas. You don’t have to be ‘gifted’ to make something as a gift – there are lots of different options: make cookies, fill a jar with prayers & wishes, knit a little bag,  Use what you have, do what you love doing already. I created a Pinterest board with ideas for making your own gift wrap too:

2. Gift an experience.

If you do want to buy something, buy a voucher for a massage, workshop, theatre show, or other experience that the person would enjoy. Veld and Sea sells gift cards for their foraging workshops:; most of your local adventure, welness and entertainment businesses will sell vouchers or gift cards, or simply buy from Computicket.  And why not join your loved one on the gift? Making it even more special as a shared experience!

3. Set intentions, define what’s truly important for 2018

I’ll be doing this for my business/work life as well as my personal life. I’m simplifying, redefining, and realigning with what’s truly important. For me it’s about welness, authenticity, balance and about reconnection: reconnecting with ‘nature’ as well as reconnecting with the people that really matter to me – friends, family and my ‘tribe’ of like-minded soul-mates. What’s truly important to you? Is it to make lots of money, or rather to spend the overtime with your partner, kids or pets? Is it to run around trying to fulfill a never-ending to do list, or would you rather spend mornings slowly waking up with tea on the stoep while listening to the birds?

4. Play. Create. Explore

Have tiny adventures in your everyday life. By noticing what is around you, by being creative, learning new things, and by spending more time in the outdoors.  Go outside and look around you – note what you see, hear and smell. Express what you see, hear or smell in your journal, on a piece of paper, in a photograph, folding a piece of wire, with a piece of clay, or any other way that you can think of. Nobody has to see what you create. It’s just for yourself. Just go out and do it.