I create land art/nature art and contribute to ecological focused projects at farms, retreat centers and gardens as art residencies or co-learning experiences.

The aim is to create art and creative contributions that complement, support or further enhances activities that involve tree-planting, permaculture, and other regenerative projects.

This includes the creation of installation art at festivals and exhibitions with the aim of raising awareness, sparking interest, or posing questions, about our place as humans within ecology and the universe.

I enjoy co-creating/collaborating on projects, experiences and services that involves working together with other creators, ecologists, organisations, healers, and experts in their fields.

Creative Collaborations could include (but are not limited to):

  • Art exhibitions & using art to highlight solutions, inspire or educate
  • The creation and installation of owl boxes, bat boxes & insect hotels
  • Installation art in galleries, at events, in gardens
  • Beach cleanups & making art from waste
  • Educational art activities & other learning experiences
  • Educational art for botanical gardens and schools
  • Garden art

I facilitate, coordinate and offer workshops, retreats, and outdoor art sessions

…that connect you to nature and your own creative nature. This include co-created retreats, workshops and wilderness experiences in which art-making compliments the activities and learning offered by ecologists, herbalists, botanists, permaculture experts, healers and teachers.