My artist statement changes often, and each exhibition or body of work has its own motivation, inspiration and subsequently artist statement. This serves as overall description of my philosophy, approaches and inspiration.

My work is inspired by the natural rhythms of the Earth and by taking into consideration how deep ecology, biology, the Gaia theory and our daily lives intertwine. My work is also informed by my quest to learn more about myself and the world, finding new ways of being, deepening my spiritual experience of what we call ‘reality’, and expressing this in every expanding ways.

In my art-making I use various different creative techniques that include Land Art, drawing & painting on papermixed media, and installation art. With an intuitive, exploratory approach to art, my work range from detailed ink drawings to performative actions and explorations in urban-, gallery- and outdoors spaces. I am interested in the nature and spirit of place just as much as our inter-relationships with these spaces and other organisms.

My reverence for plants, ecology and our integrated nature as part of the planet was probably sparked as a child, while playing on my grandfather’s farm in the Northern Cape, meeting animals of the veld and plate, and feeling a growing awareness of the terrible air pollution in my home town in the Vaal Triangle.  

A lot of my previous work and projects explored the landscape in its different forms and contexts – predominantly focusing on human interaction or relationship with it, with metamorphosis and a focus on us as an organism a dominant theme in my recent work. Journeys are also an underlying theme in my work, due to my own travels through landscapes (and thus my own personal relationship with the sites I visit), and this theme is evident in my Nuances series – a series of limited edition landscape prints, printed on Somerset Velvet or Hahnemuhle.

Through exploring and supporting nature conservation and awareness about environmental issues in my work or professional life for the past few years, I have come to believe that the core of our problems is not the system itself. It is not society, the government or our cities. The core of the problem is the individuals that make up our society and build the inefficient and destructive systems, and individuals who see themselves as disconnected beings, as separate from “nature”, rather than a thread in the web of life. I believe that through personal healing, we can build and support a life of harmony and respect for our planet, plant kingdom, animals and each other. I love things that symbolise, express or honour the rhythms, seasons and cycles of nature. I believe that energy connects us within space and time to each other, the planet and everything in, on and around it. I believe art can facilitate healing, strengthen these energy connections and inspire the expression of the creativity inherent in everyone.

My art is grounded on the belief in one universal energy which runs though everything, from insect to man, from man to spectre, from spectre to plant, from plant to galaxy.” – Ana Mendieta,  from an artist’s statement in the early 1980s

I find peace and fulfilment in the creative process, especially when experimenting and combining different mediums – whether I’m taking photographs, drawing or working with wood. My methods often include mixed media, digital and photographic media, assemblage or largely drawing-based compositions of landscapes and animals. My favourite traditional materials are ink, charcoal and watercolour – each with its own unique character and response. My work also largely relates to time spent onsite in the land – creating site-specific work, ephemeral land art works, and other contemporary and interactive practices.


A world filled with more trees and art, in which everyone’s hearts beat faster for the beauty of a stormy sky, forest, landscape, or a praying mantis appearing. A life of balance, simplicity, mindfulness and creativity – connected to ecology, biodiversity, regeneration and a new way of living with compassion & tolerance for all other people and species.


My passion for ecology coupled with my creative talent is my biggest gift and my most important way to contribute to society, Mother Earth and everything inbetween. With my feet rooting me to the Earth, my blood flowing as water through my veins, the wind as my breath and the fire of my creativity, I use my impulse to create to share my experiences and perspectives in ways that enrich, inform and inspire. Creating art that honour the sacred in life, in highlighting the beauty & complexity of nature & life while minimizing my ecological footprint. Exploring ways of connecting more deeply to our true nature within the web of life – as a fellow species to others, reliant on the cycles of the Earth, and responsible for conserving biodiversity and assisting the inherent regeneration of our ecosystems.