Hi, welcome! I am a visual artist from South Africa. I create art to explore and express the magic of nature, and offer workshop experiences that help to connect people deeper to themselves, their creativity and to Mother Nature.

Digging my toes deeply into the sand, soil and pebbles. Feeling the wind and the sun. Stoking the fire of my own creative soul. And going deeper in the experience of life in all it’s complexity and its simplicity. Its stillness as well as its wildness. Flowing where the waters, and my emotions, take me…

My art is created intuitively, and is often process-based, in situ or experimental. My work include land art, installation art, watercolour paintings, performances, drawings, mixed media and new media art. As part of my creative process my art involves working just as much outside than in the studio. My starting point and focus is primarily about our place and connection within the web of life, and aims to honour the sacredness, cycles and biodiversity of the Earth. 

Amongst other things I’ve been on artist residencies hosted by Site_Specific, Yatooi and Tankwa Artscape; attended workshops about permaculture, art, dance and spiritual development; and offered art classes and art in nature workshops in Cape Town, Loxton, and the Garden Route. My artworks, limited edition prints and designs are available for sale from my shop, StateoftheArt Gallery, Hello Pretty, Redbubble and a few local spots in Cape Town, Knysna and Wilderness.

My portfolio includes my Nuances series, artworks on paper, land art / in situ nature art, installation art (which also includes performative work and sculptures), mixed media paintings and photographic work.