Everyday Adventures

I encourage you to have daily adventures in your everyday life. By noticing what is around you, by being creative, learning new things, and by spending more time in the outdoors.

Why should you have everyday adventures in your life?

It’s very easy to get stuck in a rut, or forget how to see new possilibilities and opportunities. By embracing change, becoming more conscious of your surroundings, and exploring new things you can kickstart a new life for yourself.

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes." ~ Marcel Proust

Everyday Adventures are creative workshops & outdoor experiences designed to encourage you to use your inherent creativity, grow your connection to the world around you & help you find and develop your unique gifts.

The workshops, retreats and outings are about wellness, creativity, connection & exploration. My aim is to enable you to explore your internal and external spaces in a way that makes you grow, or become more content & inspired. They’re either about exploring and noticing what surrounds you, or about exploring inwards into your own unique creativity – and often it’s about both.  Everyday Adventures include:

  • Workshops in art-making, including: watercolours, land art, mixed media, and drawing.
  • Multi-day explorations and traveling art tours
  • Mini courses that consist of weekly sessions over 4-8 weeks, focused on design, creative self promotion and eco art
  • Small informal gatherings & one-on-one sessions such as beach cleanups, or coffee dates
  • Creative retreats - a weekend of artmaking, yoga, journaling, playing and swimming! 

I aim to keep my workshops fun, explorative and informal, and I aim to be supportive and encouraging. In all my workshops, retreats and courses I limit the amount of available spaces, so I can give individual attention and guidance that helps you develop your skills and connection to your own unique creativity.

Wilderness Heights, Wilderness, Garden Route

Kaaimans river, Wilderness, Garden Route

Fairy Knowe Backpackers, Wilderness, Garden Route

For more information >>  bit.ly/everyday-art-adventures or facebook.com/natuurkuns/events