Accepted payment methods:

  • EFT (bank transfer)
  • Paypal
  • Payfast
  • COA (cash on arrival)
  • Talents (Community Exchange System –
  • Direct exchange/barter of relevant products/services

What on Earth is PWYW pricing?

For some of my workshops the payment is PWYW.

PWYW = Pay what you want

Your payment is made according to what you want to pay, what you are able to pay, or what you perceive the value of the workshop to be. It’s also called intuitive pricing, flexible pricing or donation-based pricing

The benefits of this method of payment is that it allows ANYONE to join, regardless of their financial ability. It also allows you to support my work in a very important and incredible way if you are able to pay MORE than what I hoped to receive.

When do I specify PAY WHAT YOU WANT pricing?

  • When I do not have large costs like venue hire and new materials
  • When I’m offering a new class/workshop that are still in a state of development – effectively you are joining as a guinea pig 😉
  • When the creative adventure is something very new and original, and there are no market-related pricing for it

Address for regular venues

Address for Fairy Knowe Backpackers

1 Dumbleton Road, Wilderness, 6560
G.P.S. Co-ordinates: 34° 00’ 00. 73 ‘’ S 22° 37’ 06. 96’’ E
Mossel Bay is 46.7 km from Fairy Knowe Backpackers, and George is 12.9 km away. George Airport is 19.3 km away.

Directions to the Wilderness Hotel

The Wilderness Hotel, 6 George Road, Wilderness
GPS co-ordinates: 33° 59 35 South (-33.992939), 22° 34 37 East (22.577400).

  • Take the N2 towards Knysna
  • Once in Wilderness, turn left into George Road at the Caltex garage
  • Follow the road for about 500 metres
  • The Wilderness Hotel is on your left-hand side


  • Follow the N2 towards George
  • Once in Wilderness, turn right onto George Road at the Caltex garage
  • Follow the road for about 500 metres
  • The hotel is on your left-hand side

The class is usually in Protea 1 or 3 – when you enter at the main hotel entrance, walk to the corridor to the left of the main staircase and follow this corridor down. Keep following the corridor onto the green carpet, and until you reach the second set of wooden double doors (an exit to the swimming pool will be on your left). Go through these doors and go up the staircase on the left. Up, up the stairs. Protea 1 is right in front of you. Protea 3 is around the corner on your left, opposite the bathrooms.