During the pre-launch week for the Riverine Rabbit Thinking Path in Loxton, in the Karoo, I offered this three day workshop experience:

Mindfulness, observation & land art

Each of the three morning sessions started  with a short welcome and then moments of silence in which the participants were guided to close their eyes and listen ( to the road noise, birds, crickets, town noises, each other’s coughs, etc.) and feel (breathing, the wind, the texture of the sand and rocks, etc.) to become more aware of their surroundings and the present moment. After this we opened our eyes and start looking at everything around us.

A walk along the Riverine Rabbit Thinking Path were followed by a short land art demonstration, and then we created land art – while being encouraged to be sensitive to the site and each other.

The sessions ended with a group circle of sharing & thanks.

Each session wass based loosely on a theme:

Session 1 – The plants of the site

Session 2 – The insects of the site

Session 3 – The Riverine Rabbit – what does the rabbit mean to each of us & why biodiversity is important.


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