Science Week, Garden Route Botanical Garden, 2017

As contribution to the WESSA-led experience for Science Week I volunteered to do an art activity with the visitors. My write-up before the event:


Found object installation art & mud painting activity
During this year’s Science Week kids (and adults, of course) can join local artist & WESSA member Janet Botes in creating an art installation with found materials. These materials will include rocks, fallen leaves, twigs and all kinds of other debris that we find around us. We’ll also be using mud to paint onto the wall – a temporary image(s) that will be washed away by the rain that we are all inviting by prayer. Even though the artist will facilitate the process and provide structure to the activity, the artwork itself will be shaped by the collaborative action and contribution of all its participants over the week. Thus symbolizing how we have power together to shape a new reality for ourselves – a new future, new understandings of science, and a new experience of our place as a species within the web of life. Join us, celebrate your inherent creativity through play and get your hands dirty! 

The final artwork(s) ended up quite rough and messy, but it was LOADS of fun. Kids from different schools were asked to look at what they see around them, and think about what they’ve learnt in the talks and presentations (if it’s one of the later groups in the day). And then use this as experience for their mud painting.