Janet Botes is a visual artist based in South Africa. Her work is inspired by the natural rhythms of the Earth and by taking into consideration how deep ecology, biology, the Gaia theory and our daily lives intertwine. The environmental crisis is an urgent prompt for us to live in harmony with the planet, animals, each other and the land. Janet hopes to inspire a reconnection by learning more about herself and the world, finding new ways of being, and sharing this through her work.

In my art-making use various different creative techniques and disciplines to express my themes and ideas. These include Land Art, drawing, painting, mixed media work, installation art, and sculpture. With an intuitive, exploratory approach to art, my work ranges from detailed ink drawings to performative actions and installations in urban-, gallery- and outdoors spaces. I am interested in the nature and spirit of place just as much as our inter-relationships with these spaces and with other organisms.

Janet’s work includes the creation of artworks, installations and exhibitions, an eco arts blog & newsletter, as well as facilitating workshops & outdoor experiences.
She also does selected graphic design projects.